Ways to reduce stress for working people.

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The inevitable consequence of work is stress, and it can increase as the deadline approaches. Project time When meeting a co-worker or a bad boss. Until it can affect our lives. It makes us feel unhappy in our lives. Here are how to do if you’re feeling this way.

Notice what stress does to us.

Let’s start by looking at how much stress affects us. Because it’s a good starting point. Let us know what has happened to us. How to solve the problem? By stress affecting us such as UFABET

  • I feel bored and don’t have the energy to do anything.
  • have a headache
  • have problems sleeping 
  • appetite changes Eat more/less
  • beliefs, low self-confidence

Write down what causes stress.

Write down what causes stress. Be it a person, place, or event to identify the cause. Try writing it down for a week and ask yourself, “What happened?” 

  • How does this make you feel? 
  • How do we respond to that event (walk away? Add emotion?)
  • What solutions do we have? 

Don’t bring work home.

Some people may be able to bring work home to do. But I want us to create a balance between work and personal life. Set clear boundaries between work and home life. Don’t bring them together. Problems and tasks Don’t take it into the house. 

Go on vacation

There’s nothing better than disconnecting from work for a bit by taking a trip. Find some time for yourself. There is no need to go abroad. Other provinces are fine. Find a good place to travel. It’s close to us. Let’s go take a break.