Dangers of eating too much “instant noodles”

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Instant noodles are more dangerous to the body than we think. For people who eat them once in a while, it’s okay. But with people who eat often Or thinking of eating it as a main food because other types of food are expensive. You must think again because the results to your health and body are not worth it. Instant noodles are therefore not an option to eat in the era of famine and high prices.


There are a few ingredients in instant noodles. About 60-70 percent of the main ingredient is wheat flour, with another 15-20 percent being fat. Both in the seasoning and from frying the noodles. The dried vegetables and dried meat that come in the seasoning packets have almost no nutrients left (really, you shouldn’t expect anything from those spirits), so instant noodles can be considered an inferior food. Nutrient value: Eating frequently for a long period of time It will put consumers at risk of malnutrition. This is because each day they receive incomplete and insufficient nutrients, especially in children whose bodies still need to develop. Adding vegetables or meat may help. which must be bought to eat UFABET

No nutritional value

It can be said that instant noodles have no nutritional value. What we got in full Instant noodles only have flour, fat and sodium in them, so there are hardly any nutrients that are necessary for the body. Eating frequently for a long period of time Therefore, it may cause harm to health. The negative effects may not occur immediately, but will gradually accumulate over time. It’s like dying in installments. There is information from the Australian Consumer Association that found that 1 packet of instant noodles has as much fat as with junk food High in carbohydrates and high in sodium. The oil used in the frying process is usually cheap vegetable oil. When broken down, it becomes trans fatty acids. which is bad fat

High sodium

The more intense the flavor. The higher the sodium. Instant noodle seasonings are rich in sodium and MSG. Including seasoning in the noodles that will taste salty. This makes noodles a food with a relatively high amount of sodium compared to the amount of food per 1 unit according to nutritional principles. Thai people should consume no more than 2,400 milligrams of sodium per day. But just one packet of instant noodles contains around 1,600 milligrams of sodium, which is more than 50 percent of your daily intake. Some people also add seasoning from sauces, fish sauce, or other processed foods. It means that on the day you eat instant noodles We may have more sodium that day than normal. If there is no balance with other foods