McManaman hits the ‘Boat’ bluntly, letting the King have hope.

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Steve McManaman has slammed the Manchester City players for failing to manage Real Madrid’s landfill, and slashed to a throbbing victory despite plenty of chances

. They won after a 4-3 home win over Real Madrid, however, they are two goals up three times in this match. but in the end got shot Even with many golden opportunities

“You never insulted City for being naive. But today they were like that a lot of times,” said McManaman.

“When they were leading 2-0, leading 3-1 and leading 4-2, they shouldn’t have let Real Madrid come back into the game

. I don’t know why Is it because they are too confident because they lack the lead? When they lead 2-0, they immediately fall back and stand deep.

“You can only imagine in your heart. ‘Why is it like this?’ City should be dominating the game. I still thought City would score and maybe win there (Santiago Bernabeu), but they gave Madrid little hope

. But then something happened. You can feel it changing. As soon as you lean against the lid, you wonder how it happened? the UFABET report

“Today this did not happen once. It happened three times, 2-0 lead, 3-1 lead and 4-2 lead. I don’t know why City started to back down and let Madrid come back.

“Every time they play offensively They are superior and have many opportunities. I can only think in my head, don’t make a mistake and manage the game.”