How to play Somsip, how to play, explain in detail

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Hello Readers From the last article that I talked about what Somsip is   , in this article I will explain how to play Som Ten, how to play Som Ten card game in detail, along with the basic rules of playing this card. So that readers can play immediately after reading this article. This simple card game will have a way to play it. Let’s see. ทางเข้า UFABET

Somsip card game

Som Ten or Mix Ten is a simple card game. Which is very popular to play in our home, many readers have probably heard of this card. Which Somsip cards are played with 2 to 6 people, but for the fun of the game it is recommended that 4 to 6 people should be played, it will be the most fun because there will be more player competitions All players will compete for only one winner out of all.

because of the ten cards Prediction techniques are used. and reading some game pictures but still mainly focus on horoscope It doesn’t take long to play. And it’s not very complicated to play. Players are popular to play to relax. Or maybe they play to gamble together.

rules of play

Rules and rules for playing Som Ten, there are 2 parts that players must know before starting to play Som Ten cards as follows:

card score

First of all, players must know the score of their cards. Each card in Som Ten has the following points.

  • Numbered Cards 2 to 9 – Their face value is 2 to 9 points.
  • Ace Card – 1 point
  • Number cards 10 – have 10 points
  • Cards J, Q, K – have 10 points .
  • Joker Card – There are points that can be substituted for every score. Can be matched with all cards except the hut, this card is the card formed by the first 1 middle card face-up.
  • Piss cards – These are cards that are normally paired with Joker cards. But when its pair is a joker, then this card becomes a poop that cannot be paired with anything. For example, a joker is 7 poop is 3, except for 5, 10, J, Q, K cards that have no poop cards. occur