how to beat roulette What are the 10 misconceptions that gamblers have?

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But first you need to understand the basics of roulette strategy. Which many roulette players tend to believe in nonsense. Which of these tips, we have included techniques to make money at casinos. You can choose to read every week. Want to know a trick to make money? Anything can come and learn more.

And here are 10 common misconceptions about roulette strategies.

The result of the previous spin of the wheel does not affect the next spin.

No matter how many times you spin the wheel There is a chance that the ball will fall on the same number or color every time. We can also see this by trying loads of online roulette wheels and playing free spins. Then record the red and black results and observe if there are any repetitive results. If so, then observe to see if the results are repeating. This shows that the chances of the same outcome are often repeated, so it can be said that the previous spin of the wheel does not affect the next spin in any way.

Progressive bets do not help win in roulette.

Changing the bet amount after each bet has been made is known as “Progressive bets” raising the stakes is called “progressive betting”. “Positive progressive bets”, the reduction of bets is called “positive progressive bets”. “Negative Progressive Betting”

which whether it is positive or negative Changing the bet amount does not affect your chances of winning.

Many roulette players wait for certain “triggers” to occur before betting with progressive strategies. For example, waiting for the result to turn black 3 times in a row. The player then doubles his bet until he wins.

But it actually doesn’t help players win at all. Each spin of the wheel does not affect the next spin and the winning chances do not change at all.

The only thing that has changed is the amount wagered. Of course, players may be lucky and win big. But there are chances of bad luck and losing a lot of money as well. สมัคร UFABET

Roulette triggers are non-existent.

Waiting for something to happen doesn’t affect your chances of winning in roulette. The only “triggers” that can help are the “triggers” associated with the wheel, not the sequence of numbers.

For example, if a player decides to bet on the number 3 after noticing a high winning percentage on more than 10,000 spins, this is called a bias analysis. This bet only makes sense if something about the wheel makes the number 3 win more often than any other number.

On the other hand, the result is red, black, black and black and then big bets are placed on red. But bets like this do not affect the player’s chances of winning at all.

What most trigger players like to use is to skip spinning the reels. Of course, bets like this won’t make you win in the long run as well.

Imagine that during 500 spins, if the player bets only 50 times, it would be 10% and the player could make a profit, showing that “triggers” mean nothing. What really happens is that the player always wins in 50 spins of the reels.

Controlling your stake does not help in winning roulette.

Controlling your stake has only two effects in your roulette strategy: it makes players lose money faster. (eg positive progressive betting strategy) or slower (negative progressive betting strategy) that’s it.

Because the control of the stake is to control the stake in each spin of the wheel only. It can be seen that the bet amount does not affect the chances of winning at all.

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There is no long term balance in the game of roulette.

After 5000 spins of the wheel the result of red or black will be similar. So it’s not strange to check which color spins the most over the long term and bet on another, right?

Actually, that’s not always the case. Because if one color is more than another, then it is due to a defect in the wheel. Therefore, even if the player’s roulette strategy is to bet on red because the result is less red than black, it is likely that the color will be red. But it’s actually much better to bet on black as it tends to come out more on that wheel.

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How to win roulette strategies in short play only

Many roulette strategies aim to make a profit of 1 unit per session. This doesn’t make much difference unless the player’s units are in the hundreds or thousands.

Let’s assume that winning 1 unit per session is all for roulette winnings.

And then imagine if there was always a guaranteed win of 1 unit per session. Any player would want to play like this forever, right? So if it guarantees that much And who wouldn’t bet just 1 unit?

It shows that short-term strategies do not work for roulette. Because whether playing short-term or long-term, it can be won. where there is always an advantage of the dealer as well

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Repeated results in roulette do not affect your chances of winning at all.

In roulette, sometimes the ball will hit the same number a few times or several times in a row. which is not magic Because it can happen according to general statistics.

On the wheel of American roulette The chance to spin the wheel out of the same number 3 times in a row can be calculated as follows.

  • (1 in 38) x (1 in 38) x (1 in 38) = 1 in 54,872 times
  • And the saying that the chance to spin the same number twice in a row is 5 and the chance to spin the new number is 7?
  • Because each spin of the wheel has nothing to do with the outcome of the previous spin. Therefore, the chances that the result will return the same number will remain the same, 1 in 54,872 times.

Therefore, there is no reason to think that once a particular number is repeated. Players must bet on the same number again.

This concept can also be applied to other roulette bets such as red or black, dozen on 1, 2 or 3, etc.

Curious about the number of bets in roulette ? What strategy is required to win?

Players should not bet progressively until the result is a “rare” number.

From the fact that the odds of winning a bet never change. Therefore, there are no numbers that are rare at all. But many players may still think that there is a chance that it just hasn’t reached its turn yet.

For example, a player may never see that the result will be the numbers 1,4,6,2,5. Players have never seen the result of numbers 12, 25, 14, 9, 0 either.

After dialing the number several times There is a chance that the numbers will come out in the order mentioned above. And the more you spin, the more likely you will get the same number.

No matter what sequence the result comes out, it is considered a rare number as well.

Even playing roulette with strategy and winning. It doesn’t mean that the strategy will always work.

Regardless of whether the strategy used in roulette bets will result in continuous wins or not. However, this does not mean that the strategy will always work. The results of the bets that are issued will still be played anyway.

On the other hand, players can wait for a “trigger” first and then use an aggressive betting strategy and win big. Players may not bet as much as progressive betting strategies. making it still have enough capital to play for thousands of eyes

Just because it wins big doesn’t mean the system used is good. Because if analyzed in detail, you will see what happens with the capital in betting.

To see how “good” this system is, find a reliable roulette system to try and make another random bet. By testing the wheel spin more than 10,000, 20,000 or 50,000 times, it will be found that random bets can be profitable.

But that doesn’t mean random bets are always a winning strategy.

‘Cause it’s just luck

When you’re lucky or your hand is up, it might lead you to think you have a winning strategy in hand. which many players think like that

If you have luck, even if you use a strategy and you lose, you can still make a profit. Because players who lose their strategy may stop playing and return home with a profit. Makes me think that the strategy is working

But if he continues to force to play You will find the fact that in the end the system that was used didn’t work at all.

Winning more than losing is more than enough. how to beat roulette The core of the secret

Imagine yourself having a 75% winning strategy in roulette over the course of 4 days the player wins 3 times and loses 1 time. The outcome could be as follows:

Starting Day 1 : + 10 units

2nd day later: +20 units

Day 3 Subsequent: +50 Units

Last day 4 : -100 units

Everything seemed to be going well until the unexpected happened and cost a lot of money. Players may think what is going on. Or just bad luck?

Usually, casinos are not open for anyone to make money. because in the end The house edge will also affect long-term play anyway.