Emery told “Swan” this set was upgraded from the time of winning CL in 2019

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Unai Emery, Villarreal coach Admitting that current Liverpool are a better team than when they won the Champions League in 2019

, the “yellow submarine” has emerged as a pivot in this season’s Champions League after beating both Juventus and Bayern. N Munich until reaching the playoffs

Their stone defense in this round was Liverpool. A six-time European champion, and last winner in 2019

, Emery is quite familiar with manager Jurgen’s Liverpool outfit. Klopp is good He was also in contention during his time in charge of Arsenal

, including in 2016 when he was in charge of Sevilla’s win over Klopp’s Liverpool in the Europa League final

, the Spaniard said ahead of Wednesday night’s game. “We met Klopp’s side in the 2016 final (Europa) and where they are in 2022, it shows patience, belief and leadership [in team building]. very well”

“This is the best Liverpool kit I have ever come across. I was there (England) when the great Liverpool outfit won the Champions League (2019) and it’s better to watch and analyze them this season. Liverpool are in great shape. with a project that has continued to grow with Klopp over the years

. ” “We have to analyze, prepare and have the best version of ourselves. Let the momentum lead us We have to try to play to perfection. the UFABET report

. But we believe in ourselves,” he said.