cow baccarat New card game, minimum bet 10 baht, very high payout rate

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When it comes to online card games The strongest force at this time will have to give way. Cow cow baccarat, a 1-deck card game that has received a lot of response. With high payout rates, heavy profits, persuade these card masters who play professional card games Come and play another card game. For those who do not know Cow cow baccarat is what kind of baccarat card. Is there a way to play baccarat cow cow? Is it difficult to count points? Like a card game we play regularly? We have the answer.

Cow Baccarat card game that is one game that is open Can play for real money besides baccarat, bounce, dragon tiger , blackjack, etc., which is the highlight of this baccarat card game. have a novelty not like baccarat that we play regularly because of the double betting format, the payout rate is more worthwhile which we would like to recommend SA Gaming members can play cow cow baccarat cards. You can now place a minimum bet of only 10 baht.

Get to know Baccarat, what cow cow is, along with rules for high profits, is it true?

Cow Cow Baccarat is a card game that uses 1 deck of cards per deal round. Which will be distributed to each side 5 cards, consisting of the dealer (Banker) and the player, will be divided into 3 positions to bet on, namely Player1, Player2, Player3 Importantly, players can place bets only on the Player’s side. Bets can only be played in 3 formats as follows: ทางเข้า UFABET

Always bet

Tie (Equal) means the player has a point equal to the dealer. for example

  • The dealer gets a card A,J,9,6,3 = Cow9
  • Player gets cards J,Q,K,4,5 = Cow 9.

Place a double bet

Double (Double) means the player has a point to lose money according to the conditions of the game. To place a double bet That the player must have money in the merit higher or equal to 5 times the bet amount. for example

Player wins cow cow card.

Player bets 10 baht, the system will deduct 50 baht as a minimum bet of 10 baht and prepay 40 baht if the result is out.

  • The dealer cow=5 , the player cow=8 will get a winning amount equal to 69 baht. There are ways to play the cow cow card game money as follows.
  • Pay rate 1.90 x bet 10 = 19 + money that the system deducted in advance 50 baht = 69 baht

Player loses card against cow

Player bets 10 baht, the system will deduct 50 baht (bet 40 baht, prepayment 40). The result is equal to

The dealer cow card = 7 , while the player cow card = 5, the mobile dealer will be with a difference of 2, the player will lose 20 and get a refund of 30 baht. There are ways to calculate the money as follows.

  • Stake 10 x Win Difference 2 (10×2)= 20 Loss
  • The stake and the total deducted amount are 50 – 20, the loss = 30 baht, the amount that will be returned in that round.

Multiple bets

To place a multiplier bet, the player must have The available balance must be above 11 times the limit per bet. (Bet Score X 11)

Baccarat hits the cow with a high payout rate, worth a try.

As for the payout ratio in each case, whether it is on the losing side or on the winning side, there will be different payouts. This can be seen from the following table: