“Capou” warns the submarine “Anfield” hell for the visiting team

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Villarreal’s veteran midfielder Etienne Capou Came out to warn teammates before going to a duel against Liverpool in the Champions League semi-final. That Anfield field is like hell, the visiting team

on Wednesday night, “Yellow Submarine” is preparing to play the first match against the favorite team, “Reds”

Capu, who is the main figure in the midfield panel to help Villarreal. Both Juventus and Bayern Munich came out to warn teammates before this game that “Anfield is hell. It

‘s the worst stadium [for the away team] I’ve ever played in England. Whether it’s their atmosphere and their way of playing… Over the course of 90 minutes, you’re in hell.”

“They have the ability to enhance their play and they will create trouble for you all the time. in all areas of the field”

“Don’t stop will crash into They want to score And even if I can shoot it, it still doesn’t stop and know how to knock you out.”

“They don’t care who they face. I just want to deal with everyone in my way.” the UFABET report

Despite being seen as a minor, however, Kapu said, “We don’t care. We know that we are inferior. No one told us that we were. because we are not

“We are the smallest club in the playoffs. We are the smallest of the eight teams, we’re just on a happy track. And we have nothing to lose,” he said

. Capu spent his career at Watford in 2015-21, where he has gone seven games to Anfield, losing 27-3 on aggregate.