Techniques for mixing and matching necklaces to match your outfit. Enhance your beautiful look for every occasion.

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One thing that will help create variety in a simple outfit so that it doesn’t look boring. That is, choosing necklaces to help complete the look to make it look more fun and chic.

Wearing a shirt like this, what kind of necklace should I choose.


A turtleneck is a shirt that covers the entire neck. This can make us look clogged up. Therefore, the necklace that is most suitable for this style of shirt is a long necklace to enhance the look of the neck. Looks even more long and slender. Report by ยูฟ่าเบท

Round neck shirt

Round neck shirts are usually a casual piece of clothing. That is the easiest to use and can be used for an everyday look if we want to match a necklace. Let our most comfortable outfits look a little better. Can go out and walk to the mall Or traveling in different places, you can choose to wear a necklace. With a length in the middle of the shoulder and chest, you can choose from a variety of pendant styles for beauty according to your favorite look, or choose a collar necklace. It is a necklace similar to the shirt collar like in the picture below. It’s guaranteed to look extremely chic.

Crew neck shirt

A shirt with a neck like this Already have a gimmick Therefore, you should choose a small necklace that looks elegant and does not attract the eye. Until it steals the important scene from the gimmicks at the collar, such as a short necklace or a small pendant, or you can wear earrings instead of a necklace.

Boat neck shirt

Suitable for long necklaces, maybe just one. or two lines is fine to play layer level Necklace length By the length of the necklace It will help our body look more slender as well.

Collared shirt or shirt

Should you choose a necklace. that is long beyond the chest To enhance the look of the shirt Wear it and look official. and more cool By choosing a necklace of length and the right size Can be hidden under the collar beautifully Or if you are a girl with a long neck You can choose to wear a short necklace around your neck. Or a short necklace that can be hung with a chic pendant.

V-neck shirt

Be it in the form of a short V-neck or a deep V-neck. The right necklace should be one that is of the right length. It should not be so long that it touches the neckline. by the form of the necklace You may choose geometric shapes, spheres, letters, or other designs that are similar in shape to the letter V. This depends on whether the shirt has a wide or narrow V-neck.

One shoulder open shirt

One shoulder open shirt is to add features to our shirts Viewed diagonally Therefore, you should choose a necklace that has a short gradation effect. Unequal length To enhance the look even more chic.

Strapless shirt

Strapless tops are dresses that show from the neck, collarbone, and shoulders down, making them suitable for necklaces. attached to the neck or necklace that is a pendant type In order not to obscure the chest Adding features to the necklace It will also help draw attention to a more elegant look.