Choosing contact lenses in different colors to match your hair color and skin tone.

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Contact lenses have become an important choice for wearing to correct vision problems, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, as well as wearing them to enhance the beauty of the face. Because the eyes are the windows to the heart. Therefore, the fact that our eyes are beautiful is a good thing that helps us to be able to apply beautiful makeup and increases the confidence of many people even more. ( Choosing contact lenses )

Choosing contact lenses of different colors to match your hair color and skin tone. Report by สมัคร ufabet

  • Black hair: If you are looking for a natural look, you should choose brown, dark brown colored contact lenses that go well with black hair. You can also choose to wear contact lenses in cool colors like blue and purple for a more eye-catching and striking look.
  •  Brown hair: You can wear contact lenses of almost any color. Because whether it’s grey, brown, blue, green, it looks naturally beautiful and doesn’t deceive the eye.
  •  Light brown/blonde hair: If you want the Asian Girl look You should choose contact lenses in gray and beige tones. And if you like the Sai Fo style, you might choose blue or green colored contact lenses instead.
  • For girls with tan/dark skin: Contact lenses should be chosen in warm tones. Like brown or orange because it will make your eyes look naturally sexy. If you want to brighten up your life, choose honey or gray colored contact lenses. Avoid wearing blue colored contact lenses because they do not match your skin tone.
  • For white girls, blue or gray colored contact lenses: It will make your eyes look charming. If you want your eyes to be bright and stand out, you should choose contact lenses in the colors of turquoise, purple, and sea blue.
  • For girls with white/yellow skin/two-tone skin, you : should choose contact lenses in red-brown, green, honey, gray, or dark blue. To make the face look bright and the eyes attractive. You should avoid blue, sea, and indigo colors.
  • Pink, purple, blue, pastel, or bright tones when you already have a bold hair color: Therefore, you should not choose the color of your contact lenses to be eye-catching. Therefore, your ideal contact lens color should be black. or a simple, natural brown color So that your look doesn’t look too much.